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. . . . Neeley  v 5 Federal Communications Commissioners, et al, (14-cv-5135)(14-3447) was called "gobbledygook" and was ignored by United States Court for the Western District of Arkansas and Eighth Circuit due to judicial porn addictions. This lawsuit demanded  laws passed by Congress be enforced and that the Copy[rite] Act of 1790 be recognized as the misspelling of copy+rite this has always been! This should have been the most impacting litigation EVER done in the history of humanity. {EVER}

. . . . The FCC alleged to begin treating "online" as the Title II Common Carrier of wire communications this has always been on February 26, 2015, as demanded in my suit above. 
The FCC alleged to comply with my demand but "online" is still a criminal use of wire.

. . . . The end of abortion litigation was my legal concentration until denied.
Curtis J Neeley Jr v Louis Jerry Edwards et. al., (15-7059) can be read in HTML.
The future of fetal human dignity is linked with the missing human dignity in the U.S.
This is seen as was requested for the ONLY HONORABLE FUTURE FOR THIS DISHONORABLE NATION...

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