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{Okinawa Japan ocean scenes}, {Watching scenes age}, {Bugs-macro}

IMG_4780 hbc-postcard IMG_4802
LogJam1 SamsThrone19 blackburn+r-s+gb
IMG_4784 butterfly-lick clear-cut
fall-roadside-produce TOP courthouse
green-falls fallingwater_church hogeyecemetery-1
hedo-out-a bumble-bee TOP
japton2 lloyd-shanks-barn-1 frog
lloyd-shanks-barn-4 mantis-hello mantis-pray-2
oki-Torri-beach14 oki-beach-20 oki-beach-15
oki-beach-17 green oki-beach-2
oki-beach-5 JOSHTREE oki-beach-7
boxbarnreflect TOP hedo
mailbox-car oki-sunset lloyd-shanks-barn-2
oki-canoe-parking lloyd-shanks-barn-3 oki-waves11
oki-beach-3 oki-beach-16 oki-beach-8
hogoldgravesite oki-beach-18 oki_sunset
oki-beach-22 old-main-13x13 old-house
old-shack TOP old-storefront1
oldwall_outlet shankbarn1 winslow-cabin
outhouse2 outhouse1 outhouse4
old-storefront2 teddy-chair-corner winslow-cabin2
swamp2 outhouse3 old-house[b]