The Curtis Neeley Foundation issues only ONE signed and fingerprinted annotated piece other than his books and the CMN Park image.  The following mathematically guaranteed return exists if a piece is sold besides the books. Better than ANY CD!

     A thousand dollar piece of signed Curtis Neeley art that is no longer desired will be purchased by the Curtis Neeley Foundation for the original price paid minus costs of production minus [.5{Price}/730] per day reaching 50% sales price in two years though never decreasing further.

     Curtis Neeley signed art is guaranteed to be a long-term investment with a return roughly equivalent to 4.7% compound interest at 15 years.  See it calculated below. Double your money in fifteen years while you enjoy the art on a wall.

     Curtis Neeley signed art is significantly better than putting money in liquid assets for savings.

     From 2 years to five years the value returned is at least 50% of initial costs. This is can be thought of as a controlled loss whereby you may sell the signed art to the Curtis Neeley Foundation at any time. The art buyer might lose money if sold before seven years and six months

     Five years forward the value increases each day by [Price/1825] This will equal simple 4.7% interest in about twelve years and surpass it and be worth double the purchase price in fifteen years or slightly better than compound interest. It will equal the initial investment in 2737.5 days or at seven and a half years.

     There is a requirement for yearly contact with a board member of the Curtis Neeley Foundation choosing annual re-certification or sale to re-certify the guarantee. The right of first refusal does not mean the secondary market is completely controlled - just completely monitored. 

     This means that the Foundation might offer more than the "secondary market" guarantee if they wish.  The Foundation might offer to buy the art back and raise the price significantly or let other secondary market buyers buy the existing signed art. The guranetee it transferrable perpetually and equivalent to a bond as the money is in a Curtis Neeley Foundation Trust account available immediatly upon receiving the art print in well maintained condition.

     The graph shows that you start out in the BLACK and immediately go into the RED compared to a 4.7% compound interest mortgage investment.
You are breaking even by seven years and six months but still
taking a LOSS compared to simple interest till around year eleven. Afterwards, you are in the BLACK compared to simple interest.

     The Curtis Neeley Foundation issues only ONE signed and fingerprinted annotated piece other than his books.

     Originals that were film will be noted and if the camera used may be determined, the serial number would be included on the deed as well as the lens by serial number. Scanners and software will also be noted precisely when used. 

     All Curtis Neeley art is more unique than "rare" paintings that might be restored or improved but that will never have the artist’s fingerprint or the brush and paints that were once used annotated. Curtis Neeley’s signed art will come with a deed specifying this and will be signed and notarized by a Foundation board member or Curtis Neeley if he is still able to sign. 

The guarantee is transferable and the date and original price are recorded.

     The Curtis Neeley Foundation requires annual contact with purchasers and reserves the right to bid or a right of first refusal when a signed piece is ever sold.  This allows the Foundation to impact the secondary market perpetually. 

     Unsigned pieces may be signed later at market-determined price if a signed piece is still available. 
The piece would need to be in pristine condition to be signed. 

Regardless of price accepted; The same mathematical guarantee applies.

     Art is often alleged to be an investment. Curtis Neeley’s signed art is, from this point forward, an investment with precisely defined returns.

     Curtis Neeley believes that photography has finally matured as a visual art and any image can be reproduced better than originally done every year as printing techniques improve.  Curtis Neeley used larger format cameras when the limits of cameras and film technology made this a need.  Photographs from before 2002 are usually film based.  These films all exist but will require archive research to find.

     Curtis Neeley will sign no more photographs or paintings after he finishes dying and is more unique as a person than any photographer ever.  He is not the best and will never hope or claim to be but is already the most unique photographer who has ever lived. 

      This is a self-evident fact given basic research that is publicly available.

     There is a guaranteed “market” or return from this point forward for all signed art. Curtis Neeley Foundation may at any time alter all initial prices up significantly regardless of size desired as production costs are a small portion of the costs and become a smaller portion each year.

At any time while owning a Curtis Neeley Foundation signed piece, if the owner desires a different size or a different medium, the owner may return the signed original and purchase a new signed piece if Curtis Neeley is still alive for the cost of production.