I was once a professional photographer but now a professional nothing, I find it much easier to be the later after 'retiring' early (34) in a manner of speaking.

        Saving money, I drove a tiny Geo Metro to work at JB Hunt from Winslow, AR. I had a full speed head-on collision and both my body and car were squished. All my bones were broken below the knees except toes and the left leg's femur was destroyed. My pelvis was broken in six places and my left arm's bone from elbow to shoulder was destroyed and all my left ribs and left shoulder were broken.  Five back bones were broken and the descending aorta was torn from my heart. I had a stroke during the surgery to repair the aorta because of deep vein thrombosis. Clamping the blood vessels off to repair my aorta caused roughly mid-back paralysis. The stroke ruined the use of my left arm.

        Due to a severe brain injury, most of my memories were destroyed. My severe frontal lobe's brain damage often caused self-centeredness and a lack of tact. I battle these every day. I delivered my daughter at home with a midwife but now only recognize and love her. I have no clear memories of my daughter, first wife, or oldest son that survived my brain injury intact. My oldest two children lived with me and my second wife until the car wreck. They were then sent to live with my first wife six hours away. Not seing them and having no clear memories of them made that bearable? Compared to being disabled physically, my severe TBI is my most severe disability.

        The initial medical bills were around 1.3 million dollars. I was on life support with a respirator and feeding tube for six weeks. I had allegedly once told my second wife living via machine would not be my wish. Doctors said I would expire if taken off life support. I was not, however, brain dead. Doctors said that if I didn't die I would at best have the mentality of a toddler. I have since been told I would never be able to get out of bed and into a wheelchair unless transferred by another. God had and still has other ideas! I will try to follow the Great Counselor instead of arguing and disobeying,like in the past. I do not always agree with God or understand why he once flooded the Earth. I have resolved to follow directions sent by the Lord whether I understand them or must wait till reaching heaven.  I will witness to Ninevah instead of going there in a fish's stomach and giving guided tours of one district.

        What if Jonah had went to Ninevah and became a well known tour guide of one sinful district instead of witnessing as led by God? I was delivered to the shores of Ninevah by a miracle numerous doctors witnessed, but then began giving guided tours. I at one time did not agree with message God asked me to deliver. I still do not understand the reasons for this message but will now obey.

Curtis Neeley still with the feeding tube visible

       My second wife had the respirator turned off with a DNR order. My brother held my hand after left to die and felt a squeeze. He kept telling me to breathe. I did, but only barely. He told the doctors I squeezed his hand and was struggling to breathe. He was then told that it was normal to contract random muscles while dying. My brother insisted doctors examine me closer. (He is a large man.) The doctor came and asked me to give 'a thumbs up' if I was there and I did.

       The doctors were all totally amazed and one allegedly accepted the Lord as a result! They sent news to the hospital chapel and informed my second wife who was there mourning my death. She had them return life support as needed for a few weeks. I very gradually became more conscious and more aware. Many say I will never be fully aware of my surroundings or of my past. I feel nobody ever is completely aware of the entire mission God has for their lives,. - even when they claim to or especially when they claim to.

       The vast majority of the photos I found from my past experiences in life are on this web site. Here is a link where you can see all the old photos I found. Everything from my second steady girlfriend after Wendy Boatright, to my first wife and high school sweetheart seen in prom photos and wedding photos. These are the only memories of these events that remain for me. Good thing I found lots of evidence; eh? The "Curtis" that is alive today is a different person in the body of the "Curtis" who died in 2002. His mind shares much of old love for art and some of the skills.